The Cité des vins in Beaune

It is natural that the main Cité des Vins site should be in Beaune, the “Capital of Bourgogne Wines”. Beaune is a very important tourism destination in the region. With its emblematic Hôtel Dieu with its brightly colored roof tiles, its secular cellars, Michelin-starred restaurants, brasseries, wine bars, tasting cellars, traditional markets, shady terraces, and cultural events, Beaune is a key destination for visitors from around the world. Almost two million people visit the city of Beaune every year.

The charms of this city of arts and its surrounding villages is further magnified by its unique location at the crossroads of several major European axes. No fewer than 60 million vehicles pass by through this area every year.

Cité des vins de Beaune

The creation of a new neighborhood close by the city center

This urban program will be established on a wooded 10-hectare terrain located between the Palais des Congrès and the southernmost highway exit, which is the busiest junction between Paris and Lyon.

The global project should satisfy rigorous architectural and environmental concerns (low density, green spaces to promote biodiversity, etc.) The site will be beautifully landscaped and linked to the city center by environmentally friendly footpaths and shuttles.

A modern, environmentally friendly project on a human scale, composed of:

  • A five-star hotel

  • A large reception area and concert venue for up to 1,000 people

  • A shopping mall offering upscale merchandise

  • Two restaurants including one pop-up restaurant that can welcome top international chefs with their teams for special appearances

  • The Cité des Vins de Bourgogne

The private structures in this development will be financed through private investment, while the Cité des Vins de Bourgogne will be financed through public and private funds.

The city of Beaune is the commissioning body for the construction of the Cité des Vins in Beaune, in close collaboration with the BIVB. This is because the Cité des Vins will be part of a wider renovation project. The BIVB will be charged with developing the content and promotion within the Cité des Vins, as well as operating the site.

A large and ambitious Cité des Vins

A strong architectural approach

The partners in this project want to create an exceptional showcase that is audacious in its design and creativity, and ambitious in its technical performance; a creation that will become emblematic for the Bourgogne winegrowing region, and which will express all its values. With a remarkable structure using high-quality materials, the Cité des Vins in Beaune will be resolutely focused on the future.

The Climats as an emblem

The wines of the Bourgogne region and the Climats where they grow are intimately linked and they share themes such as history, culture, terroir, geology, the clos, appellations, toponomy, varietals, and specific wines.
The UNESCO-listed Climats will be presented at the heart of the Cité des Vins in Beaune. A space will be specially created to introduce to them, and the Cité des Vins in Beaune will host the future Climats Information Center.

An attractive, educational offer

Over almost 3,600 square meters, the Cité des Vins will offer some exciting visitor experiences along the visitor trail and will be a living hub with free-access offers and services.

Experiences to enjoy

The visitor experience will cover 1,100 square meters. It will be organized in sequences and discovery zones with experimental workshops; different activities – permanent and by appointment, wine tastings; temporary exhibitions; and discussions with winegrowing professionals.

The main themes will be organized into different themes:

Land and History

  • The vines – a collaboration between people and nature
  • The patchwork of landscapes and terroir

Wine, Vines, and Winemakers

  • The Bourgogne region, home to two main varietals
  • Techniques and expertise
  • The richness and subtleties of the wines

Dining and Conviviality

  • Wines, celebrations, and traditions
  • Representations of Bourgogne wines

A living space

Visitors can also enjoy free-access services, including:

  • Workshops and training offered by the École des Vins de Bourgogne 
  • A dining area to discover food and wine combinations
  • A boutique to help visitors better understand wines, including wine-related accessories, reference books, and educational wine selection boxes
  • A digital platform of tourism information providing a direct link to the Bourgogne winegrowing region

The École des Vins de Bourgogne has a clear role within the structure. At the heart of the Cité des Vins, it will provide training workshops for the general public, including visitors, tourists, and local residents; and for professional tastemakers.

A destination for businesses and schools will also be part of the Cité des Vins project. The site will offer spaces and equipment for groups, hosting a range of events including business seminars and visits from hotel and restaurant schools.

Cité des vins de Beaune

Note: This project may be subject to modifications