A unique way to discover Bourgogne winegrowing culture

An area of 1,100m2 on the ground level of the Cité will be dedicated to the discovery of the Bourgogne region’s wines and Climats.

Visitors will discover 20 exhibition areas organized according to three key themes, with an estimated visit time of 90’. These will explore: The Region "Bourgogne"; Vineyards & Climats: The grapes & the wine.

The Cité in Beaune will also showcase the Climats of Bourgogne, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It will thus be a center for understanding this unique place, which will enjoy a dedicated space within the visitor experience.

A sensorial immersion into the world of Bourgogne wine

 The scenography, created by the Alice dans les villes agency, will evoke the inside and outside landscapes of the world of Bourgogne wine, organized aound trellising made from light oak to provide the backbone of the experience. This trellising will offer glimpses of the different scenes, giving sneak peaks of what is in store. 


All our senses will be invited on this journey alternating contemplative and interactive experiences. Along the way, visitors will be able to listen to stories, interact with the various multimedia devices – such as multitouch tables, animated videos, light projections, and interactive games – and learn about tasting. All one’s senses will be required to encounter, explore, and understand this unique wine culture.