Laying of the first stone of the Cité in Beaune

On March 12, 2021, the first stone of the Cité des vins et des Climats de Bourgogne in Beaune was officially laid, orchestrated by the city of Beaune and the Rougeot group, alongside the local authorities and other partners

The ROUGEOT group and the architect Emmanuelle Andréani, from SIZ'-IX Architects, will be in charge of the construction of the 3 600 m² of the Cité. A contemporary jewel, inspired by the vine's tendril that winds around the trellis wire, the future Cité will rise 24 meters high and will offer a view of the wine coast from its panoramic terrace.

Noble materials will be used for the construction of this low-carbon building, which will have a green roof with nearly 400 vines.