La Cité reveal its new brand identity

5 October 2021

La Cité reveal its new brand identity, a universe that combines tradition and modernity with elegance!

Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne: new name and visual identity

The Cité is entering a new phase in its communication with the creation of a differentiating brand territory. By proposing an evolution of its name and logo, the Cité des Climats et Vins de Bourgogne fully asserts its new identity, which further enhances the uniqueness of Burgundy.

Cité des vins et des Climats de Bourgogne becomes Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne. This evolution, which highlights the notion of Climats, reflects the reason to be of this Cité: to reveal and make discover to the greatest number of people that Burgundy is the cradle of a great model of viticulture, archetype of the vineyards of terroirs.

As for its visual declination, the Cité has a strong new identity, combining tradition and modernity: a capital "C", referring to the essential notions of Climats, Culture, Clos, Côte, Cité...associated with the vine leaf, a living symbol, emblematic of the world of vines and wine, becomes the Cité's banner.

See the presentation video of the Cité's new visual identity: