A scenographer appointed to the Cité des vins in Chablis and Mâcon

Now that the architects for the buildings for the two Cités have been selected, the project team is further expanding with the selection of a scenographer.

The mission of the single scenographer for the sites of Chablis and Mâcon is to:

-       Transpose the key messages of Bourgogne wines and the Climats through scenographic spaces

-       Dramatize the interior spaces through a concept involving different strata

-       Bring the visitor experience to life

-       Offer tools to encourage communication and exchange

The team, led by Studio Adeline Rispal, won the contract after a call for tenders launched in May 2018. Some 26 candidates submitted dossiers, and three were shortlisted in July. Following their presentations on 7 November 2018, Studio Adeline Rispal was selected.

Their proposition was chosen for its sensitive and immersive approach. Visitors will enjoy a “geo-sensorial” experience of the wines and Climats of the Bourgogne region, involving every sense.

In a landscape composed of material layers to touch and immaterial ones to see and hear, visitors will be able to access everything they need to discover Bourgogne wines and explore their diversity.

The winning team comprises the following members:

-       Studio Adeline Rispal (architect and scenographer)

-       InnoVision (engineering and multimedia design)

-       Fleur de Papier (multimedia content)

-       Chevalvert (graphics and signage)

-       Les Eclaireurs (lighting design)

The team will be coordinated by Studio Adeline Rispal, a Paris-based agency founded in 2010 by Adeline Rispal, which focuses on the design of cultural and heritage projects.

Throughout the conception phase, the team will work in close cooperation with architects Atelier Correia and RBC Architecture, to ensure the creation of attractive sites that offer a unique visitor experience.