The visitor experience at the Cité des vins & des Climats de Bourgogne is taking shape.

In partnership with the Association des Climats du Vignoble de Bourgogne and working alongside the Ame en Science agency, the BIVB is developing the content for the visitor experience for the three sites in Beaune, Chablis, and Mâcon.

This involves deciding upon the different themes, the narrative approach, key messages, the communication tools and strategies, and the cultural coordination. The museography covers all these elements and will be aided by a select scientific committee of industry professionals and scientists.

A follow-up committee made up of professionals in the sector has also been set up by the BIVB to oversee this step.

This museography is a central phase in the creation of the Cité project because it is where the requirements of the BIVB as the contracting authority, the scientific rigor of the specialists involved, and the creative imagination of the set designer all come together.

Through concise and impactful messages that reflect the identity and specificity of the Bourgogne region, its wines and its Climats, this is where the conception of a playful, original, and interactive journey that piques the curiosity of visitors.