The Cité des vins & des Climats de Bourgogne was officially unveiled at the Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction

The 159th Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction brought together local dignitaries, local authority partners, and the Rougeot Group to unveil the architecture and scenography for the future Cité in Beaune.

During this event, those involved planted a symbolic tree at the heart of the site that will soon be welcoming the future Cité des vins.

This was a significant and critical step in terms of the progression of the Cité des Vins project for which work will begin in 2020 and opening is scheduled for 2022.

© SIZ-IX Architectes

This emblematic Cité will be at the heart of a new district in Beaune, that will include a luxury hotel, two restaurants, a mall of premium boutiques, an event space, and a landscaped garden.

Designed by architect Emmanuelle Andreani from the [siz’-ix] group of architects, the Cité will be constructed by the Rougeot group. The architectural line is inspired by the tendrils of a vine, and the building, which respects eco-sustainable principles, peaks at a height of 21 meters.



The interior will also meet the project’s high architectural standards and will offer an interactive and human experience. The scenography will be managed by the Alice dans les villes agency, a close partner of the Rougeot group.

Using the real-life testimonies of industry professionals, a narrative thread guided by a winegrower, and hosts on hand to interact with visitors, human exchange will be at the heart of this project. It will be about storytelling and sharing key experiences involving Bourgogne wines and the UNESCO site of the Climats, in an environment that will transport the visitor through immersive and sensorial experiences.