A networked project

One Cité, three visitor sites

A unique concept

The Cité des Vins is a networked project, with three wine-related structures in three entry points to the Bourgogne winegrowing region, in Beaune, Mâcon, and Chablis. Each of these three sites will promote the wines from the whole of the Bourgogne area, and will be a natural invitation to discover and explore the surrounding region.

As the “Capital of Bourgogne wines”, Beaune is an obvious choice and offers a central point of influence. To the north, Chablis will highlight the unique richness of the Chablis and Grand Auxerrois winegrowing areas, while Mâcon will showcase the vines of the southern part of the Bourgogne region.

The Cité des Vins in Beaune will be part of a 15-hectare urban planning project made up of the Cité des Vins and private structures, including a luxury hotel, a reception center, a shopping mall, and two restaurants. The Cité des Vins will extend across almost 3,600 square meters.

The Cité des Vins in Mâcon will involve the renovation and extension of the Maison Mâconnaise des Vins and the BIVB’s current Maison des Vins. The visitor area will cover some 1,900 square meters.

In Chablis, the Cité des Vins will be created on the historic site of the Petit Pontigny cellars. These elegant monastic buildings will also be extended and the new site will cover around 900 square meters..

A unique vocation for each site

The Cité des Vins in Beaune seeks to present the entire Bourgogne winegrowing region in all its glory. Those in Chablis and Mâcon will also present visitors with a general introduction to winegrowing in the region, but they will each more deeply explore their own territory, history, and wines in a complementary manner. Each region has its own powerful and unique identity – Chablis being linked to the Paris Basin via the Seine, and Mâcon shaped by its river connections to the south.

Oenotourisme bourgogne

Real educational and cultural ambition

Our main theme: The heritage of the Bourgogne winegrowing region 

  •        The Bourgogne region: Its history, its territories, and its traditions
  •        The Climats: Our model of terroir winegrowing
  •        The men and women who have shaped our vineyards and who bring life to the region
  •        The values upon which the Bourgogne winegrowing region has been built: Simplicity, humility, humanity, and the pleasure of welcoming and receiving

A creative offer that is shared by all three sites

The three Cité des Vins sites have been envisaged as a whole. Because their sizes and capacities differ, they will not offer the same visitor experience. Nonetheless, they are treated with the same creative consideration. While their design and equipment may be complementary, they will follow the same narrative logic. In each site, visitors will discover fun, educational, and appealing exhibits, designed to meet the expectations of a new generation of international tourists.

Key messages promoting Bourgogne wines will be communicated in a modern and lively way. They will be organized into a visitor experience and will be adapted to the specifics of each region.

In each of the sites, the Cité des Vins will offer:

  •        A visitor trail (with an entry ticket)
  •        A common area with free access to services
  •        Workshops and training on Bourgogne wines
  •        A discovery area for food and wine pairings
  •        A bookstore and gift shop
  •        Spaces to welcome business meetings
  •        A digital platform of tourist information linking to the rest of the Bourgogne winegrowing region.

A wine-tourism platform from which to discover the region

One of the objectives of the Cité des Vins is to encourage people to visit the winegrowing region and to get out there and meet winegrowing professionals. We want to attract visitors, and inform and enlighten them, capturing their imagination and inspiring them to set out to discover the area.

This inspiration will be driven by a digital wine-tourism platform. In the free-access area, visitors will find tools such as large tactile screens and dedicated discovery applications that will allow them to draw up a personal program of activities and visits. Industry professionals with the Vignobles & Découvertes label and those who have signed up to the De Vignes en Caves charter will be promoted.

This platform will be available to visitors for free in each of the three Cité des Vins.

In addition to these fun interfaces, visitors will also be able to ask for advice from the staff who will be presenting the platform.

Jointly-run cultural and festive initiatives

The three sites are linked into a single network, and as such, a common program of cultural and festive initiatives will be developed. Regular exhibitions, talks, conferences, and concerts will be organized on a theme and run simultaneously across the network. This shared cultural programming will encourage people to drop in to the different sites, and locals in particular, helping to promote the Cité des Vins concept.