Each visitor can choose their type of visitor experience according to their wishes and requirements.

Unaccompanied visits: All visitors can discover the permanent exhibition at their own pace. Various signposting prompts will guide them through the experience.

Guided tours: Visitors who wish to do so can take the tour with a guide who will allow them to go into greater depth on different aspects of the tour. These visits will be offered in a range of languages to meet the needs of international visitors as closely as possible.

Other visits may be proposed on different themes, such as tours more focused on outdoor spaces, others that feature the architectural work, and also specific visits proposed by the Association des Climats in Beaune.



In addition to the permanent tour, visitors will be able to take part in various wine-culture workshops. These will cover different themes that will echo elements highlighted during the museum tour. The aim is to offer workshops that are accessible to all, featuring a wide variety of themes that are regularly updated. As such, visitors will be able to come several times a year without ever taking part in the same workshops, which will change with the seasons.

Workshops for adults will feature a range of varied yet complementary themes. Some workshops will arouse curiosity such as “The original alliance of wine and perfume”, while others will help raise international openness such as the “11 UNESCO-recognized wines”. There will also be workshops dedicated to the culinary arts such as “Wine, a key ingredient in cuisine”. With an infinite range of possibilities, new workshops will be proposed on a regular basis.

Discovery Workshops for families may cover themes such as “1001 secrets of the grape” or perhaps feature the five senses. There might also be Creativity Workshops such as one on corks or another on making your own herb garden. Theater Workshops could include one on traditional costumes.



In the Cité in Beaune, visitors will be able to enjoy a unique experience in a specially designed room dedicated to multisensorial experimentation. This space has been designed to include modifiable elements that stimulate the senses. This results in a pleasant, safe and accessible space, both in physical as well as cognitive terms, encouraging focus and exploration, pleasure and feelings of well-being. This experience will be a continuation of the permanent visitor experience, but seen from a new perspective.


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