Aims of the project

Raising awareness of the Bourgogne winegrowing region and its wines

There is a definite link between the understanding of a terroir, a knowledge of its artisanal expertise, and the enthusiasm for its products. Right around the world, terroir tourism is about education.

Understanding is synonymous with loyalty, and knowledgeable fans certainly make the best ambassadors. However, Bourgogne wines are extremely diverse, and it is important to convey all the richness and subtlety they offer. With the Cité des Vins network, visitors will have three destinations, offering a complete and global approach to the region, and the Climats in particular – the cornerstone to our model of winegrowing. This will be offered through contemporary and fun educational approaches, destined for all types of audience, from those new to Bourgogne wines to fully-fledged connoisseurs.

The primary aim of the Cité des Vins is to promote an understanding of the Bourgogne region and its wines.

Vins bourgogne, vignoble bourgogne

It's about allowing people to discover the wines from across the entire Bourgogne winegrowing region, explaining the notion of the Climats, and promoting their inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Shining the spotlight on the history, culture, and heritage of winegrowing

The Cité des vins et des Climat de Bourgogne will promote Bourgogne wine and the region which produces it. Visitors will learn about the work in the vines, the art of vinification, the patchwork of terroirs, the Climats, and the varietals. But they will also discover how all this came about. In terms of history, our winegrowing region has very deep roots. We can offer the world much more than prestigious wines. We have a history, a culture, and a heritage to share. And our recent history is just as captivating. The wine economy, the role of wine in boosting the profile of the region, the status of wine among the world’s best chefs – it’s also this cultural and historical dimension that awaits visitors to the Cité des Vins.

Rebalancing wine-related tourism across the territory

Most regions understand the phenomenon of concentrated tourism. Regardless of what a destination has to offer, the flow tends to focus on a small number of key sites, and the Bourgogne winegrowing region is no different. Statistics show that visits are focused on the area between Beaune and Dijon. And this is why those driving the Cité des Vins project have opted for a project that focuses on a network of three sites. Chablis, as the northern entry point, and Mâcon, as the southern gateway, serve to highlight two outlying regions with very specific characteristics, both in terms of wine, of course, but also in terms of historical heritage and landscapes.

Moreover, the Cité des Vins seeks to become a showcase for industry initiatives. At the heart of each of the Cités, visitors can find out about the various leisure and wine-related offers in the region. The Cité des Vins sites are three gateways to discover all the riches the Bourgogne winegrowing region has to offer.

In the Bourgogne winegrowing region, some 600 wine-related activities bear the Vignobles & Découvertes label.