The architectural project for the Cité des vins in Beaune

The ROUGEOT group, along with architect Emmanuelle Andreani from the SIZ’-IX Architectes agency, were unanimously selected for the construction of this Cité.


Cité de vins Beaune - Parvis nuit

Some exceptional natural surroundings

This innovative construction is inspired by the tendrils of a vine coiling around its trellis. It will stand 21 meters high and offer spectacular views over the vine-covered hillsides.


  © SIZ-IX Architectes / BIVB / Sébastien NARBEBURU

This 3600m² innovative and state-of-the-art landscaped feature will be set in a 10-hectare tree-filled park, and will be a model of eco-sustainable commitment, with:

  • Noble and bio-sourced materials
  • A vegetation-covered roof over the event space for improved thermal and acoustic performance
  • The production of renewable geothermic and photovoltaic energy

Interior spaces

The interior of this Cité will chime perfectly with its architectural ambitions, providing an interactive experience on a human scale. The building for the Cité des Vins et des Climats de Bourgogne will be structured as follows :

  • The ground level will comprise the reception area, boutique, wine-tourism space, and the visitor trail.
  • On the next floor, a terrace will offer a unique view over the esplanade and the start of the ramp up to the viewpoint.
  • From the ground level to the panoramic terrace, a ramp will encircle the building, rising up to provide visitors with a 360° view over the surrounding landscape.
  • A building that emerges like a spiral will welcome:

    o   First floor : A space for seminars and a room for sensorial tasting sessions

    o   Second floor : A training and conference space

    o   Third floor : Administrative offices

    o   Fourth floor: The bar where visitors can discover food and wine pairings and a VIP reception room

    o   Fifth floor: A panoramic terrace with a view over the gardens and the vines