The Cité des vins in Chablis

Promoting the Chablis and Grand Auxerrois winegrowing regions

The Cité des vins et des Climats de Bourgogne project is a global one. Each site covers the entire Bourgogne winegrowing region but also the specifics of its own territory. The same creative reflection applies to each, and the design and equipment will share the same approach, and will be complementary. However, the size and capacity of the three sites will be different.

The key messages promoting Bourgogne wines will be communicated to visitors in a modern and lively manner, covering the history of this great winegrowing region shaped by human hand, the patchwork of terroir, the Climats, varietals, the work in the vines, and the conviviality of the region. They will be organized along a visitor trail, and will be adapted to the specificities of each region.

As such, the cité des Vins et des Climats de Bourgogne in Chablis is a cultural site dedicated more specifically to the discovery of the wines of the Chablis and Auxerrois regions.

The Chablis region covers around 20 communes and has been called “the Golden Gateway to the Bourgogne Region”. There are 47 Climats here, with names like Vaudésir, Blanchot, Grenouilles, Fourchaume, and Montée de Tonnerre – names that resonate with a fabulous history.

The traditional geology of the Chablis region, with a clay-limestone soil from the Kimmeridgean, results in unique wines with a unique character, mineral aromas and wonderful vitality, that enjoy a global reputation.

The Grand Auxerrois also has unique qualities. It is home to a varied range of Regional and Village appellations across a multitude of ancient vines. There are also other varietals than the traditional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir typically found in the Bourgogne winegrowing region, expanding the offer even further. These include Aligoté, Sauvignon Blanc, Melon, Sacy, César, and Gamay. This diversity makes the Grand Auxerrois region just as attractive as the neighboring Chablis territory.

Cité des vins de chablis

The Petit Pontigny in Chablis

The second Cité des Vins site will be located in the heart of Chablis.

Tucked away in the vines, its international reputation makes this village a global icon for wine lovers. With most of its revenue coming from winegrowing, Chablis is a picture-postcard of a typical winegrowing village. As the figurehead of the Chablis and Grand Auxerrois region, Chablis was an obvious location for the Cité des Vins in the Yonne. The charming Petit Pontigny cellar will host it, and an extension to this 12th century construction is planned. The Cité des Vins will thus be a showcase in heritage and identity terms, and deservedly so.

Chablis is at the heart of the Route Touristique des Vignobles de l’Yonne which leads visitors through picturesque villages to meet passionate winegrowers. It is well-connected by the A6 highway and the presence of the Cité des Vins will boost the appeal of the winegrowing area in the Troyes tourist region.


Cité des vins de chablis

But due to their relatively small size, the cellars will be extended to something close to 900 square meters, with:

  • 255m² of permanent exhibition space, in three sections, with tastings and activities
  • 260m² of reception space with a boutique and a wine-tourism platform (a next generation tourism information platform with hosts on hand to advise, and new technologies to guide visitors across the territory)
  • 115m² for tasting workshops
  • 145m² for a dining area to discover food and wine combinations
  • 210m² for an exterior esplanade

The site will offer spaces and equipment for groups, hosting a range of events including business seminars and visits from hotel and restaurant schools.

Opening at the beginning of 2022

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Note: This project may be subject to modifications