The Cité des Vins in Macon

The soul of southern Bourgogne

The Cité des vins et des Climats de Bourgogne project involves a global approach and while the Cité des Vins in Mâcon covers the entire Bourgogne region, it’s also about the specifics of the vineyards of southern Bourgogne. This project is at the heart of a territory where tourism is a pillar for economic development.

The key messages promoting Bourgogne wines will be communicated to visitors in a modern and lively manner, covering the history of this great winegrowing region shaped by human hand, the patchwork of terroir, the Climats, varietals, the work in the vines, and the conviviality of the region. They will be organized along a visitor trail.

Between the Côte Chalonnaise and the Rock of Solutré, the hillsides of the Mâconnais are bordered by the Saône and Grosne rivers and stretch across some 40km. They offer a succession of wooded hilltops and little valleys that are perfect for growing vines. Indeed, vines have been grown here since Roman times, and winegrowing really took off thanks to the powerful abbeys of Cluny and Tournus. Farther south, the hills give way to a grandiose landscape beneath monumental rocks, including those of Vergisson and Solutré. The vines plunge their roots into the slopes wherever the soil and sunshine allows.

Serenaded by 19th century poet Lamartine who was born in the city, Mâcon has maintained powerful winegrowing traditions with a warm and welcoming approach.

Cité des vins de Mâcon

An attractive, educational offer across 1,900m²

The Cité des Vins in Mâcon will be located in the current location of the BIVB’s Maison des Vins and the Maison Mâconnaise des Vins, where it will profit from an emblematic site and already established visibility. With an investment of €3.9 million, the site will be overhauled and the atrium extended to bring unity to the site and provide a harmonious location for the Cité des Vins.

Cité des vins de Mâcon
  • 580m² of fun and contemporary visitor space, with tastings and activities to get across the key messages regarding Bourgogne wines
  • 410m² of reception space, with a cellar-boutique, discovery bar, and wine-tourism platform
  • 595m² of workshops, training spaces, and meeting rooms
  • 410m² covering the administrative and logistics arm.

Opening at the beginning of 2022

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Note: This project may be subject to modifications