The scenographic approach in Mâcon

Neither a museum nor an exhibition space, the Cité in Chablis, as conceived by the team from Studio Adeline Rispal will be a unique and innovative place that focuses on offering visitors a sensorial experience.

Experience, understand, and taste

Visitors will experience the richness, variety, and subtlety of Bourgogne wines. Three emotional experiences will guide this experience:

  •          Experience: Comprehend and learn through experience
  •          Understand: Share the process of understanding rather than learning in an isolated way
  •          Taste: Educate one’s own taste and appreciate different flavors

The intellectual explanation gives way to real experiences to make the diversity of Bourgogne wines more tangible. This is not simply a patchwork of plots or Climats.

Visitors will understand that wine is all about time in all its guises and on all its scales (civilization, heritage, geology, vinification, conviviality, and passion).

A geo-sensorial immersion

The scenographic approach will be organized around three key elements that will overlap:

-          A unique universe of material strata to touch and immaterial ones to admire and to listen to, like an immersive landscape

-          A landscape of words to make the Climats understandable and allow visitors to become intoxicated with the language of wine

-          A sound environment with natural sound effects and melodies to reinforce the sensation of immersion

The visitor’s every sense will be required, with tactile, visual, olfactory, and acoustic sensations galore.

Visitors will immerse themselves down through the strata, constructing their own experience of wine.

The visit will include a connected sensorial trail. Thanks to a connected bracelet, the visitor will establish their own unique taste profile, and according to this profile, they will be offered personalized suggestions for exploring the vineyards further.

This experience will be available in several languages and will also be adapted for children.

Multimedia will be an integral part of the visitor experience. As an additional sensorial vector, it will be integrated into different equipment such as image-surfaces and sound-volumes. Multimedia will amplify the surprise, emotion, accessibility, and understanding.

The strata will be arranged in concentric circles in the reception and boutique areas. Within the visitor experience, they will create a new horizontal landscape and will punctuate the spaces with constrasts of light and shade.